Setting Up Your Bass Guitar (John Carruthers)

After I went through setting up of my bass guitar, I thought it's a good idea to post here a very nice video guide by John Carruthers for Elixir Strings. This is an almost complete guide split into 4 steps:

  1. Adjusting The Truss Rod
  2. Bridge Action Height Adjustment
  3. Nut Action Height Adjustment
  4. Intonation Adjustment

Why I think it's almost instead of just complete? Well, missing step is "Shim a neck". Now most of guitar geeks would say that good guitar do not need any neck shimming but actually it's not always true.
Anyway, I would put to these guide another step, which, to keep order of original guide not touched, would be:

  1. Shim a neck

I admit that this step is in most cases not necessary, but before you proceed with the original 4-step guide that I shared below, it would be nice to check if you need to shim your guitar's neck or not. Sometimes without doing this, it is not possible to set bridge action height properly.

I'm not going to write how to do this job, as actually at Premier Guitar there is very good article about that Guitar Shop 101: How to Shim a Bolt-On Neck by John LeVan. He described, how to check if your guitar needs any shimming and if so, how to do it right. There is definitely no universal rule that one can apply for every single guitar, but John described the whole process the best I've seen before. What is important, he showed how to do it using full neck pocket shim.

Finally, here it is. A 4-step guide of setting up a bass, presented in the following playlist. Check it out.

Watch on YouTube

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