The USA Geddy Lee Jazz Bass® (Fender)

Geddy Lee is a bassist of Rush who contributed to the Fender Artist Series so-called Fender Signature Series (my other posts about this series: Fender Signature) twice. For the first time it was the Geddy Lee Jazz Bass® and now the USA Geddy Lee Jazz Bass®. I'm not going to write about any of these instruments in detail as you can easily find it in provided links. In the following video about his USA signature bass, Geddy Lee said: "the signature is very close to my number one". I had an impression that between the lines he pointed out very important thing. No matter how much effort you will invest, it won't be his "number one". For me, this makes Signature series not interesting. Every guitar is different and there is no point in copying someone's style. However, I enjoy stories given by artists for the Fender Artist Series and Geddy Lee's story is one of my favourites.

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